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Evolving Construction Practices with the Mirai Sougou Setsubi Co. Ltd.: PoC of AI Indoor Positioning System

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Our company, in collaboration with Mirai Sougou Setsubi Co. Ltd., headquartered in Kumamoto Prefecture, conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) aimed at positioning construction site workers. The project aims to enhance on-site safety and optimize work efficiency.

◼️Objectives of the Project

Accurate location information of workers at construction sites is essential for enhancing safety management and improving work efficiency. This PoC aimed to use cutting-edge technology to track the real-time positions of workers, thereby achieving a safer and more efficient work environment.

◼️Implementation and Data Collection

Over two weeks, site workers were equipped with smartphones to collect sensor data on their movements and activity patterns. Analyzing this data provided insights that contribute to improving on-site safety management and work efficiency.

This PoC was conducted at a public facility under construction in Kumamoto City. The site presented an ideal environment for evaluating the effectiveness of the positioning system, with various construction activities happening simultaneously in a complex setting.

◼️Comments from Mr. Kiyohiko Tanaka, President and CEO of Mirai Sougou Setsubi Co. Ltd.

"While construction DX is an urgent issue, I strongly believe that by utilizing new technologies to track the whereabouts of workers and acquire data, we can maintain safe sites and also improve work efficiency."

◼️ Future Prospects

Through this PoC, we have identified new approaches to enhancing safety and efficiency at construction sites. We will continue such innovative initiatives and contribute to the advancement of the construction industry.