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Innovative AI Startup Secures Pre-Seed Funding to Propel Industry-Wide Operational Efficiency Through Automation

[Tokyo, Japan, February 14, 2024] – Zeteoh, Inc., a new AI B2B startup, announced today that it has completed its pre-seed funding round. Zeteoh's new indoor location system, which operates without traditional beacons, is a big step in automating operation efficiency in many industries, including logistics, construction, emergency services, and the defense sector.



The inspiration for Zeteoh's indoor location system comes from a tragic event in Shizuoka, Japan. A factory fire there led to the loss of firefighters and police officers, who could not be located inside the building.This incident spurred us to develop our technology. Initially intended for emergency services like those in Shizuoka, it soon became apparent that our solution could greatly benefit businesses in improving their operational efficiency.

◼️Market Research Insights

Our market research identified the first critical challenge for increasing efficiency: the friction related to indoor location tracking. Traditional systems often rely on beacons, which can be complex and require high maintenance.Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  is designed to overcome these limitations. We aim to provide our customers with a hassle-free way to collect reliable and actionable data.


We empower businesses and organizations to unlock new levels of operational efficiency.

◼️Comment from the Co-founders

We've received an overwhelming response, with over 20 companies joining our waiting list. This and hundreds of leads signal a strong market demand for productivity enhancements. Our technology, currently in the proof-of-concept stage with select clients, is set to remove the barriers to operational efficiency automation.

◼️The funding

Our pre-seed funding round, led exclusively by Shizen Capital LLC, has been a milestone event for Zeteoh Inc. With this successful fundraising, we're set to release our MVP and lay solid foundations for our company's future.

◼️Comments from Investors
Shizen Capital / Mark Bivens、Matthew Romaine

We are thrilled to serve as the lead investor for this pre-seed financing round in Zeteoh. The team has an inspirational founding story and a proven capability to execute. Zeteoh's innovative AI-based technology for indoor location positioning with minimal hardware is a breakthrough.

◼️About TRAILS – Our Upcoming Product

TRAILS uses smartphones to track the location of people and forklifts, among others. It's designed to minimize implementation costs and time, removing barriers to on-site productivity and safety enhancement. Its flexibility also allows for application to other vehicles, such as drones.


◼️Current Market Interest

Interest in TRAILS spans across various sectors. We've received inquiries from construction consultants, major general contractors, energy companies, and a leading food manufacturing company. Additionally, we're conducting proof-of-concept tests with Mirai-sougousestubi KK, Nikken Rentacom KK, NIKKEN LEASE KOGYO LTD., and an undisclosed energy company. Over 20 companies have joined our waiting list to test 'TRAILS' upon its release.

◼️Future Plans

We are gearing up for the official release of our product in spring 2024. The demand we've seen in fields like BIM/CIM, smart factories, and smart cities, both in Japan and internationally, is highly encouraging.

◼️TRAILS' Origin and Future Development

Originally developed for locating firefighters in buildings, TRAILS' potential extends far beyond. With our recent funding, we are also set to tackle challenges in the defense and disaster management sectors.


◼️About Shizen Capital

Shizen Capital is a venture capital firm created by former founders with successful startup exits. With offices in both Tokyo and Paris, Shizen invests in early-stage Japanese startups across multiple domains, including notably: software for enterprises and healthcare organizations, climate and sustainability solutions, deep tech innovations, and generally speaking, tools that improve the way we work, live, and learn.


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